Alchemyst Forms Features

Alchemyst forms comes bundled with everything you need to create awesome contact forms. Just write HTML, and we’ll magically transform your basic HTML forms into fully functional website utilities.

Input Builder

Using our input builder will help you build consistent HTML for your forms quickly and effortlessly.

Our input builder will not only help beginners create form quickly, it also teaches advanced users about the available validation options for the provided field types.

Add as many email notifications as you'd like. Control who they are sent to based on fields from your form, or CC/BCC as many addresses you'd like. You can attach any file upload fields to the email notification directly and include any other form data you'd like (so long as it is not encrypted!).

You can even customize the email templates used by the plugin to create a truly custom experience.

Email Notifications

Insert Post Notification

Create truly interactive experiences on your WordPress site by allowing for crowd-sourced content. Create a form and allow users to post directly to your site. You can have the posts enter a pending status for site administrator review before they are published.

Custom Form Settings

Every form is unique and should be treated as such. You can customize the success message on each form, choose whether to redirect to another page, and adjust the Google Analytics event names for each form.

Choose the Right Version

For many websites and basic contact forms, the free edition will be a good start. Extend your possibilities with our premium license options.




Get Started


Get Started
License Limits Feature Limited
Unlimited Installs
Full Featured
6 Installs
Full Featured
36 Installs
Automatic Updates
Standard Support
Priority Support
Google Analytics Integration
Email Notifications 1 Unlimited Unlimited
SMTP Emails
Insert Post Notification
Entries Database ?
CSV Export Entries
Basic Field Types ?
Advanced Field Types ?
Repeatable Sections
File Uploads
Google Maps Address Fields ?
Encrypted Fields ?

Coming Soon

Features are continually being added in every new version!
Stay tuned for...

  • Paginated Forms Split your large forms up into multiple pages for easier consumption.
  • Conditional Field Logic Currently you can use any jQuery you'd like to control your forms, but in the future, we will provide a simple API to give you quick control over your fields.
  • PayPal and Integrations Collect payments with your forms.
  • Frontend Progress Saver Allow your guests to retain their form progress in the event they accidentally leave the page.
  • Submission Limiter Limit the number of submissions, or add a date range in which submissions can be received.
  • User Registration and Logins Quickly create login and registration forms for your website.